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How to Find a JOB in 30 days or Less

"There was no one better suited for this feat than Mr. Andre Johnson. We walked into a cafeteria of about 500 students. It was powerful! Mr. Andre Johnson was a guardian angel to us at Alief Elsik High School’s Career Day. He is a mastermind at his craft, and I would highly recommend him to other high schools and organizations in the future. As well, we will be requesting to have him come and speak to our students during our summer program, also at our community In Schools."------Kristina Dove  Communities in Schools Houston , Inc. Houston’s Kids Employment Coordinator

"Your presentation was very dynamic and inspiring…. More importantly, the information is absolutely invaluable.  The students were very impressed and are eagle for you to return to share your other modules. I was equally very impressed at the comprehensive and detailed approach you employed to ensure that the reader gain the knowledge and skills intended."   -----Dr. Johnella Bradford, Director Office of the President Transformation and Innovation Center - Houston Community College Southeast

What Company is Still There After They Decide to Down Size or Merge?

  1. “(Your Name) Incorporated”
  2. What company still there after they lay you off?
  3. “(Your Name) Incorporated” 
  4. What company is still there after they decide your departments is no longer necessary?
  5. “(Your Name) Incorporated”


Unlock The Executive Suite To Your Life
You have just been promoted to President and CEO of your own company. The name of that company / corporation is “Me Incorporated.”


Coordinated and facilitated by Andre Johnson and Mark Alexander. Experience an intimate view of "Houston's Youth & Young Adult Job Fair Training Academy Expo" 

Our Goal Is To explain How to Tap Into their (DNA) Dynamic Natural Ability, While Exploring their Career and Business Pursuing Options. 

Our Goal Is To Provide Individuals With Job Readiness and Entrepreneurial Skills, so They May Gain an Advantage in the Business World and Incentive to Continue their Education.

5. Are you having trouble when it comes to negotiating for your salary, because you don’t know what to say in order to obtain the maximum compensation package that you wish to have?

1. Have You Just Graduated from College or Workforce Training and Still Can't Find a JOB, then Something is WRONG?

Information is Powerful, but Lack of Knowledge and Ignorance is Expensive – Don’t Let What You Don’t Know Cost You Your Next Job or Career Opportunity.   ---Andre Johnson

Job Search and Career Empowerment Academy – America’s #1 Career Empowerment Coach and his team will lead you to career success. Unemployment is not a Joke – How to find a job in 30 Days or less.

Watch Andre Johnson presents for United States Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee private youth career summit training event for High School and College Students.  

                   THEN FIND OUT WHAT'S WRONG!

Job Search and Career Empowerment Academy will not only help you to find out what’s wrong, but we will help you fix what’s wrong and get you on the right track to Finding a JOB in 30 Days or Less.

Take Heed to this Example : If you were working and made $60,000 last year, and now you are unemployed. Every 30 days that you continue to go without a job its costing you and your family $5,000 per month. How much longer can you go without earning this amount of income. How long can you maintain the expenses coming in each month?


The Choice Is Up To YOU?

Our Goal Is To Teach the Importance of and the Means to Create Capital Ownership, Wealth and Economic Control Within a Community.

Our Goal  Is To Make Participants Aware of Career and Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Through Exploring Activities that Reveal Market Conditions.

4. Are You Educated or Have a Unique Skill Set and Don’t Know How to Get into Your Desired Career Field, Then Something is WRONG?

3. Are You Working on a Job that You Hate , or on a Job that Does NOT Fit what You Really Want to Do Everyday,  and You Don’t Know How to Find Your Perfect  Job?

2. Are You Going to Job Fairs Only to Leave With a False Sense of Hope and NOT Employment Direction, then Something is WRONG?

Our Goal Is To Equip Individual's with a Set of Portable Career/Job Readiness, Entrepreneurial and Leadership Skills that Include Critical Thinking, Observing, Writing, Planning, Marketing, Team Building and Financial Literacy, with a Technological Basis. 


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National Workforce Professional Institute and National Workplace Professional Institute

Thank you for being with us to help send our recent graduates out into the market place with the positive energy and motivational inspiration to continue their path to success.  Your high energy approach engaged everyone in the audience and on the stage. Many of our students, staff and faculty passed along their compliments following the commencement exercise. We appreciate you being able to join us for this pinnacle in the academic experience and hope that was can count on you again at some future activity. ----- Rick Skinner Executive Director Westwood College

"Andre Johnson facilitated a preparation workshop. How to search for new or better jobs for the Texas Southern Criminal Justice Interns. He was able to find the needs of the Workforce changes and challenges. The interns were actively engaged and in awe of the presentation on job search skill. The interns, felt this should be added to their internship as a way to jump start their new careers. -------Paulette Washington Texas Juvenile Justice Department Workforce Development Specialist.

For Professional's * Veteran's * Graduate's * Global Workforce

Other Populations Baby Boomers * Religious * Industrial * High School * Educator's * Re-Entry * Athlete's * Civil Service * Transitional Living * Spanish * Vietnamese

"After months of filling out tons of applications and sending my resume out to many different companies and still hadn’t landed that decent profession. The job search was beginning to frustrate me. I was very excited and felt I stroke GOLD after downloading the digital version of “Unemployment is not a Joke.” After watching the virtual video and listening to the audio, I felt a sense of direction. The virtual mentor coach Andre Johnson, counseled, and guided me from start to finish. What I love most about the virtual academy training, was being able to watch the video and listen to the audio, as many times as I desired!! I was able to land a very successful and worthy profession with just following the steps of the virtual training academy series. I still receive calls and emails from companies attempting to schedule a second interview. The virtual training is a must have!!!"  -------Stephanie McDonald – MBA Accounting – Ford Motor Corp International

ACT NOW!! Can You Really Afford to WAIT!!!

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"While, Interning at the Houston Area Urban League I was introduced to Andre Johnson. I began to apply for job using innovative techinques we had developed. I went on only two interviews before I received a call back and landed the job successfully within 30 days.I think every college student should participate in his program. This program should be implemented directly on campus as a freshman and then completed for college graduates. ----- Paige L Cormier  MBA Student - Majoring in Non Profit Management/ Social Entrepreneur